FAQ’S (frequently asked questions)


  • How long does shipping & delivery take?

We are shipping packages within 1-3 business days. How fast it is delivered to your home varies by country. For questions on this e-mail us to info@vrijbuitervintage.com.


  • Are all the clothes previously worn?

All of our items including the clothes are previously used.
They are pre-loved items that we breathe new life into by styling and presenting them to our customers in innovative ways. For this, we use the term circular fashion. It does not become waste, but it is loved again by someone new.


  • Tell me, why a Vrijbuiter Vintage item?

Vrijbuiter Vintage items are for those who are not afraid of experimenting with fashion. Freebooters are open-minded adventurers. They think in possibilities and like to take on new challenges. That’s exactly what our company stands for and what our personal view of fashion is. All Vrijbuiter Vintage items have this in them.


  • Why is buying second-hand good for the environment?

By buying second-hand you lower the supply for new items, resulting in less production. There is already so much clothing on this planet to love and we want to prevent this from becoming waste, so why should we make more?


  • What is the quality/condition of the vintage & pre-loved items?

One of our top criteria for our items is quality. This is very important to us. We try to have as many items in good condition as possible in our collection. Since everything is pre-loved, there will sometimes be small signs of wear. These are always listed with the item and if possible seeable in the pictures.


  • Which countries do you ship to?

Currently, we ship to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Ireland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.


  • Is it possible to try on the clothes somewhere?

We don't have a pop-up shop at the moment so you can't fit the clothes somewhere. If you have questions about measurements (or want to see additional photos) you can always send an email to info@vrijbuitervintage.com, so you can estimate whether it would be the right fit for you.


  • Can I return my bought item(s)?

It is possible to submit a request to return your item(s) within 14 days of receiving your order. Keep in mind that there’s only one piece of all of our vintage & pre-loved items available and therefore it’s not possible to exchange an item for a different size/color. Returning items is at the customer's own expense. When returning items you get the full order amount back (purchase price from the item(s) + shipping costs).

We would like to mention that we want to encourage returns as little as possible. It is not good for the environment to keep sending packages back and forth. Buy consciously and feel free to ask questions about the items before you buy them via our email address: info@vrijbuitervintage.com.

For additional information on returns and how to submit a request:



  • Based on what criteria do you select your items?

We select our items based on uniqueness, timelessness, and quality. Our items fit within our personal view of fashion (which is explained in the question above; Tell me, why a Vrijbuiter Vintage item?’).


  • Why is there only one piece of everything?

Since our items are pre-loved, we will never find more than one piece of the same item when selecting by hand. As a result, you often have a unique piece of clothing that you will probably see no one else wearing.


  • Where do we find our vintage & pre-loved items?

We spend a lot of time searching for and selecting our items. We only choose the most special items, we like to call them the gems. Our search for vintage & pre-loved items takes place all over Europe from flea markets to online auctions. Or from the closet of our loved ones :)


  • Do you take in people’s clothing?

At the moment we have made the choice not to take in or buy clothes from individuals. We consciously choose to look for clothing ourselves and because of that, we can fully make our own selection for our vintage & pre-loved collections.



For other questions, suggestions, tips or appreciations, email us at info@vrijbuitervintage.com or send us a message via one of our social media accounts listed at the bottom of our website.


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